Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our Little Gymnast!

Thanks to Grandmother and Grandaddy, Kimsey started Gymnastics yesterday! Andrew, Josh and I went to watch our little gymnast in her first class! She LOVED it! She has hugged me over and over saying thank you for gymnastics, and can't wait to go back next week! Although she loves it, Andrew and I discovered, she really NEEDS gymnastics! We were almost falling out of our chair laughing at her prissy style and lack of coordination! We have a long way to go and so much to work on! Her first flip was actually a belly flop! By the end of the class, she had conquored the flip, so she came a long way!
The gym is really cute, and she got to participate on the floor, the beam, the bars, and the really long trampoline! She got quite the workout, and was one happy girl!
Thank you Grandmother!!! We have six more weeks to go!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Jumping and Growing Up!

We have been having so much fun on our new trampoline! Andrew and I got the net up today, and now the kids are having a blast as you can see! Thankfully, for the cold-natured people out here, the weather has been warming up! It's been in the fourties and fifties, and would you believe there is STILL snow everywhere??? Crazy I know! However, this warm spell is not so good for snow tubing...Andrew has been up all night for a couple of nights running the snow machines, trying to make enough snow for this weekend. We are expecting 80 or more people to snow tube, so we kinda need the snow! The good news for the snow-dreamers, is more is coming in a couple of days, with colder temps! Good news for Snow Tubing!

My Sweet Kiddos!

And since they keep growing despite the promises they make to Mommy and Daddy, Josh decided he was going to start wearing big boy underware like Daddy today! He informed us after breakfast, and promptly started taking off his pjs! He selected his Buzz Lightyear underware, and became quite proud! Note the pjs on the floor behind him!

Yes, my boy is growing up! So sad, but so proud! Andrew is particularly excited about the raise he is going to have now that he doesn't have to provide diapers!

Well, that's it for now! It's the beginning of a new year, and we are anxious to see what 2009 has in store for the Morris Family!
Love to You ALL!!!
Andrew, Holly, Kimsey and Joshua

Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

T'was the night before Christmas, and all through our home,
the kids were squirming and on the roam! The stockings were hung by
the chimney with care, in hopes that Santa Claus soon would be there!
The cookies were placed for Santa to share and the kids got in bed without a care!
Much to their wondering, it would appear, they would sleep soundly while Santa was here!

The morning would come, with mom up before the sun.
And in her excitement, she'd make everyone join her fun!
So, the rest of the family would open their eyes, and try to focus to see the surprise!

Santa stuffed the stockings with goodies and toys, and we soon discovered
we were good girls and boys! We opened our presents with lots of paper to tear,
and found wonderful gifts of clothes and toys to share!

We opened our presents with paper to tear and found

wonderful gifts of clothes and toys to share!

When the last gift was opened and the floor found once again,
we noticed a note with a bow on the end!
The note was from Santa with a great big surprise, so we followed
his instructions and could believe what was before our eyes!
Santa put a trampoline in our backyard!!
We had a very merry Christmas morning! We got ready and went to our neighbors for brunch, and then came home for a long nap! While Andrew went out and groomed his new snow tubing hill! So, after we woke up, ofcourse we wanted to join him for our own snow tubing fun!

We had a great time playing on the hill!! The kids flew down! Josh with a grin on his face the whole way! And Kimsey sqeeled with the delight each and every time! Andrew did jumps and I did a little of both!

Christmas morning, we had a little more snow, but less than an inch of fresh.
Last night, we were supposed to get a little more, but didn't. And today, we are expecting another 6- 10 inches of fresh snow! This is our trench we have dug to get to the car!

Remember, I told you on the last post, to watch our chiminea, and watch the difference in the snow levels! Well, some has melted since Tuesday morning, but you will get the picture! And, remember, we are supposed to get more on top of all this today! There are many places in our yard and around campus, that pass my knees as I try to get around! So, the kids are having a hard time playing out in all this! It's bigger than them!

We hope our friends and family had a very merry christmas as well! We miss all those we didn't get to be with this Christmas season! Much love to you all!

Andrew, Holly, Kimsey and Josh!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Time is Here!

We have had some fun this Christmas Season! We had a Glorieta Community Christmas Gathering on Sunday night with those who live and work here and their families. The kids participated in a "Live Nativity" with as still of a picture as we could get. Turns out, it was quite the mobile picture!
Kimsey was the Angel, and our friends Abigail and Silas played Mary and Joseph.

The Shepherds almost took out baby Jesus a few times, while Kimsey played with Mary's hair!

Joshua was not the happiest Wise Man on the block! I don't think he like costumes very much!

(if you recall the Halloween pics were quite similar, just different outfits!)

This was the closest I got to getting the whole crowd!

That's everyone except Kimsey..she was behind the Wise Man!

Costumes or not, they still LOVE each other!
My Angel and Wise Man!

Later the Kids sang for the crowd! Both Kimsey and Josh enjoyed this time quite a bit!

I know I have promised snow pictures, and while these are a week late, here they are!

This was the snow falling last week, when it stacked up to a little over a foot or so!

This is the view across the street from our house...

The snow plow decided to dump its load in our front yard!

This is a good 4 foot pile, which means it'll be around until the Spring!

Christmas in our house! We have our tree, and added Christmas Lights outside this year!

And, as I am doing this blog, you won't BELIEVE the snow outside!!! This is a great shot from last week, that will be fun to compare with what we have now!

So, stay tuned because there are MORE snow pictures coming!
The Backyard now...

We pray all our friends and family, near and far, are having a


Andrew, Holly, Kimsey and Joshua

Friday, December 19, 2008

Allergy Results...

We have accomplished finding a new Allergist in Santa Fe. We were very pleased with the practice we have found! Both of the kids needed to be skin-tested again...poor things! They both did a great job considering the circumstances!! The results???

The doc. had never seen such a severe allergy to milk before!! So, we are still VERY allergic to milk, and egg, and will probably never out grow those. They did find allergies to bermuda grass and grass mix, which explains the environmental issues. And Kimsey is a very likely candidate to be diagnosed with asthma, but they like to hold off on that. However, she is back on daily breathing treatments for asthma prevention, and has graduated to an inhaler!

Here is the interesting case! Josh showed a 2+ on milk and egg allergy, however he rated a 2+ on the control, which means they are likely a false positive! So, we are going to confirm with a blood test, and HOPEFULLY he will have outgrown his milk and egg allergy!!! He has some mild environmental allergies, but he is doing VERY well!!

All in all it was a good visit. It was very long for the kids, and it is tough getting all the testing done, but they are champs!
PS I promise to post some snow pictures soon!
Lots of LOVE!!!
The Morris'

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Friends and Family,
I would like to introduce, Princess Snow White and the Cowboy! Halloween was a wild and crazy day at our house this year. The kids were into the excitement for the first time, and we actually had costumes, too! Our Princess Snow White was the fairest of all, for sure! And she played the role with sass and class!

Our cowboy rode his horse to town saying, "Yee Haw!!"

We did our Trick or Treating with our friends the Jedi's

aka Silas and Josiah!

Josh didn't take a nap, so he was not exactly in the mood to be a cowboy!

Here we are with our next door neighbor, the fireman!
aka James Strickland

Crying Cowboy....

Our friends, Silas and Josiah took us around town to all the churches having Fall Festivals and we had a blast! We played all kinds of games, and got lots of candy! FBC Santa Fe had inflateables which turned out to be Kimsey and Josh's favorite part! Turns out Kimsey has no fear! Miss Upsidedown and backwards!
Josh was crying when we put him on to start, and then cried when we made him get off!

And most of the time, they went together!

Well, the night was fun and definately ended with a bang for Kimsey. About 12:30am, she fell out of her bed and started screaming. We soon figured out something might be broken, so we called an intern to come sleep on the couch and stay with Josh. Andrew and I took Kimsey to the ER and found she has a broken collar bone. Once her pain medication kicked in, and she wasn't in severe pain, she started making friends with all the nurses. She now has an impressive sticker collection from all her new nurse friends in the ER! The doctor even printed off a picture of her X-Ray, so we can show everyone her broken bone! They put her in a collar brace for 4-6 weeks. The doctor said this first week would be most uncomfortable, but after that we should be well on the mend. So, all in all it was a very eventful halloween! And in 4 more days, we will be in Georgia!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Adventures in Colorado...Part III, The Final Saga

Mesa Verde!!
Mesa Verde is a national park outside Cortez, Colorado. It is 8500 feet in elevation and is the home of many cliff dwellings where people lived in the 1200 and 1300's. It is very interesting and beautiful! We took a tour to see the City Palace, where Kimsey thought it was her own personal castle! This was how my grandparents and my family spent our one full day together and it was great! The picture below is driving up to the top of Mesa Verde.
You can tell by some of the trees, they did have a fire several years ago.

Kimsey and her Grandaddy...

Andrew and his Little Man

Grandaddy and Me..it was too beautiful not to take pictures with the ones you love!
A Family Portrait!This is the City Palace from a distance

If you look close, at the middle of the picture in the alcove, you'll see more buildings
The Canyon...much smaller than the famous Grand Canyon, but still huge!
My Girl and Me!
We got to tour the City Palace, and to get up to it, we went down a narrow, steep trail, and the climbed a ladder! Daddy and daughter on the tour...
A close up of City Palace

Kimsey Ray!

That's my Girl!

We had a great time! Grandaddy, Andrew, Kimsey and I finished the tour and found Grandmother and Joshua sacked out asleep in the car! It was so sweet! We picniced in all that beauty for lunch, took some more scenice drives and then headed back to Durango! We ofcourse found the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, which I highly reccomend! Our trip was great! This was our first trip off campus since we have been here, and it was much needed! I think we enjoyed it so much we might be checking out more places to visit out west!

Until Next Time,
The Morris'